Holiday Accommodation in Magnetic Island

Residing on the island over the past thirty years we are a part of  Magnetic Island’s largest holiday accommodation provider Best of Magnetic. We are world travelers at heart and bring this passion to our work every day. We love sharing the natural beauty of this special part of the North Queensland Coast with our guests.

Pam Young has resided on the island with her family for over 30 years. With a love for the outdoors and the island they all still find the island a wonderful home and all agree when they have been away traveling it is never too hard to return. Perfect to live in a place where others come for a holiday.

Our holiday team of dedicated island locals lead by Renae Hay are more than happy to chat with you to find the perfect place for you to enjoy your time on Magnetic Island. By sharing with us some information about your holiday plans they will be more than happy to go through options to consider to ensure a memorable experience that you will want to repeat time and time again.

At Visit Magnetic we strive to ensure your Magnetic Island experience is a happy and memorable one, that you will feel compelled to repeat. Island life, whether it is for a relaxing weekend or longer you will find it is uncomplicated….. exactly how it should be! We can take the hard work out of searching for your ideal place you just have to ask.